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Suggested Reading...

S t .†† G e o r g e†† O r t h o d o x†† C h r i s t i a n†† C h u r c h

A Parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

About Orthodox Christianity:

The Orthodox Way by Bishop Kallistos Ware

The Mystery of Faith by Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev

The Orthodox Faith series (4 booklets) by the Very Reverend Thomas Hopko

A Visual Catechism of the Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

For the Life of the World by the Very Reverend Alexander Schmemann


Christian History and the Orthodox Church:

The Orthodox Church by Timothy (Bishop Kallistos) Ware

The History of the Church by Eusebius of Caesarea

The Orthodox Church (a history of Orthodoxy in North America) by Thomas E. Fitzgerald

The Apostolic Fathers edited by the Very Reverend Jack Sparks


Prayer and Spirituality:

A Beginnerís Guide to Prayer by the Very Reverend Michael Kaiser

The Illumined Heart: the Ancient Christian Path of Transformation by Frederica Mathewes-Green

The Orthodox Spiritual Life by Harry Boosalis

Orthodox Spirituality: A Brief Introduction by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

The Mountain of Silence: A Quest for Orthodox Spirituality by Kyriacos Markides

Orthodox Prayer Life by Matthew the Poor


Teaching Our children:

A Visual Catechism of the Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

Conversations with Children by Sister Magdalen

Children in the Church Today by Sister Magdalen


Journeys to Orthodox Christianity

At the Corner of East and Now by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Facing East: A Pilgrimís Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells by Matthew Gallatin


Inspiring Stories of Modern-day Saints:

Father Arseny, 1893-1973: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father, edited by Vera Bouteneff

Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses, edited by Vera Bouteneff

Blessed John the Wonderworker: A Preliminary Account of the Life and Miracles of Archbishop John Maximovitch compiled and edited by St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood

Elder Porphyrios: Testimonies and Experiences by Klitos Ioannidis

The Ascetic of Love by Nun Gavrilia

Saint Nektarios: The Saint of Our Century by Sotos Chondropoulos

Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain by Priestmonk Christodoulos

Elder Cleopa of Sihastria: In the Tradition of St. Paisius Velichkovsky by Archimandrite Ianichie Balan

Wounded by Love: The Life and Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios edited by the Sisters of the Holy Convent of Chrysopigi

St. Silouan the Athonite by Archimandrite Sophrony (Sakharov)